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Yet disabled people continue to suffer discrimination in this area.

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Moony it’s a pleasure to have you.“•"Shut it Pads.”•surprising them all when you snap at them.•"Nice to know how easily pleasures you get Sirius.“•After that, none of them every really messed with you again. // 12 Days Of Writing Masterlist•late night reading sessions in the common room (usually in yours if you’re not in Gryffindor).•conversations that last for hours•Remus helping you study and comforting you when you get stressed•the other Marauders not missing the opportunity to tease you both.•"Ahh, Mrs.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////-Him holding off on his feelings for you because he doesn’t think you’ll love someone like him-Really soft kisses that get really passionate really quickly-Cuddles all day, everyday, forever-Cuddling usually consists of being as close as possible, his playing with your hair, and whispering beautiful things to each other-Stealing his jumpers because they’re incredibly soft and they smell like him-You take so many of them that he tries buying you jumpers in his size but you still take his-”Is that my jumper? Now back to the sweater.” -You constantly having to reassure him about your love for him-Reading to each other-The rest of the Marauders absolutely loving you-Him looking at you like you are his entire world because you are-His parents loving you almost as much as your own parents-Becoming an Animagus behind his back because he doesn’t want you around when it’s the full moon-Him being mad at you when he finds out that you became an Animagus but secretly being very touched that you did it-Dancing to records in your bedroom-Setting records for the world’s longest snogs-Always keeping track of the moons cycles-Buying him loads of chocolate during holiday -Lightly tracing his scars in his sleep and reminding him how beautiful he is-Forehead kisses-Remus getting jealous very easily-Getting caught kissing in different places.” “Yeah.” “I literally bought you a new one yesterday.” “Yours are different. Let me wear it I think it would look great on me.” “I don’t think you understand.” “I understand perfectly fine. Broom closets, empty classrooms, empty corridors, his bed, etc.What Sirius never realised that dating Remus Lupin wasn't quite as easy as it looked.R/SBy their first morning in Hogwarts, James realised that he was best mates with a complete and utter fool.

• waking up in Saturday mornings cuddled together, his arm draped around your waist, his face pressed into the crook of your neck • spending almost all of your spare time trying to become an animagus behind his back• finally managing to get your form, surprising him before he turns on a full moon• being there when he wakes up, taking his lecture on the dangers with a soft smile because now you could finally be there for him through it all • stealing his sweater on a particularly cold morning, pretending not to notice how happy he looks when he sees you wearing it• fighting tooth and nail with him over him being a monster• never going to bed angry with each other, something his mother had taught him when he was a child• telling each other ‘I love you’ whenever you leave each other, and at the most random times• sitting at the gryffindor table every morning for breakfast, teasing him about the amount of healthy foods he eats• ‘and here I thought all you ate was chocolate’• 'oh you should know that’s not all he eats’• 'OUCH! “ -but Remus would chuckle and take your hand and kiss it -cause he thinks you’re adorable for caring so much -at the end of the day you would stay at the Black Lake, watching the stars -and he would take your hand in his and tell you how beautiful you are -and you would blush like crazy and look down because GOD YOU LIKE HIM SO MUCH -and he would raise your chin with his slender fingers so you make eye contact -he would stare at you -you would stare at him -until he leans in and kisses you -your heart would skip a beat, but you would kiss him back -after that awkward stage, you would both tease each other -you would hold hands all the time -you cuddling when it’s cold because -"body heat is the best way to keep someone warm" -little kisses on the cheek, or forehead -and deep kisses in the morning because -"i missed you, sweetheart.three hours is a long time" -cuddles when outside is a storm -him being jealous like hell every time a boy talks to you -growling -dirty stares -him losing all his shit when the boy flirts with you and you kinda flirt back -dragging you all along to his bedroom -hot make out sessions -making sure to hold you very close to him whenever that guy was around -cuddles when you’re sad -cuddles when he’s sad -him helping you study -you being worried as fuck when it’s that time of the month -not sleeping all night waiting for him -lots and lots of sweet kisses when he’s back -you cleaning his wounds and telling him he’s sweet and kind and brave -cuddling -the marauders being like your brothers -them being very protective as well -cuddling when you can’t sleep or when you have a nightmare -you staying the night in his bedroom -you smacking him with a very heavy potions book whenever he is thinking bad things about himself -"Y/N, i’m a monster" -"No, you blithering idiot!R/SNow, according to Sirius, James's list for Remus Lupin was entirely incorrect (and a tad bit obsessive too, so Sirius would have to keep a close eye on his best friend, just in case).In fact, by mid October, Sirius had declared James's list obsolete and decided to take matters into his own hands.Lily had also added that Lupin sometimes went down to Hagrid's hut to spend time with the animals or holed himself in the library. Sirius hadn't heard it over his own yelling, but James's head swiveled in surprise at the comment.