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Half-life is defined as the amount of time it takes a given quantity to decrease to half of its initial value.
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Dating younger women steele

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But a great number of them have abandoned these men after they have received their education and properties from them.

Many young women who have had relationships with older men have treated them well.

Rachel is a big woman, but oddly otherworldly, keeping her eyes closed during sex (in a genre where intense eye contact is the norm) and purring more like a cat than bombastic during the orgasm phase. Michaels would have added a lot to the proceedings -must have been busy when this one was ready to shoot.

She returns, not clearly as another character via Nica's quite spare script (in which improvisation seems to be employed by the cast), seduced in the finale by cutie Aubrey.

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I would like you to weigh in on this situation, Dan.

What men refer to as "playing games" is actually unconscious testing on the part of a woman.

A woman is complicated for a very good reason: to separate the horny, needy and desperate guys from the one man who can uniquely love, adore and appreciate her.

It's a bare bones effort, but the sex proves worthwhile.

Oddest touch for me occurred with the first of four unrelated vignettes: shot entirely in a nondescript bedroom with ugly lime green walls and barely any decoration: if given a "blindfold test" (no advance info or credits) I would have attributed the footage to competitor Girlfriends Films, where setting is often generic.