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Updating multiple rows in oracle

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table_collection_expression can be a subquery, a column, a function, or a collection constructor, it must return a collection value (that is, a value whose type is nested table or varray).

This allows you to update rows in one table based on rows from another table.

update existing rows in a table or insert new rows depending on a match condition.

This is typically the case when you have to synchronize a table periodically with data from another source (table/view/query).

I worry about how ETL tools apply updates (did you know Data Stage applys updates singly, but batches inserts in arrays? The two most common forms of Bulk Updates are: Case 1 is uninteresting.

I spend an inordinate proportion of design time of an ETL system worrying about the relative proportion of rows inserted vs updated.

Let’s say this is how STUDENT_N looks before it is merged with STUDENT: merge into student a 2 using 3 (select id, name, score 4 from student_n) b 5 on (= 6 when matched then 7 update set = 8 , a.score = b.score 9 when not matched then 10 insert (,, a.score) 11 values (,, b.score); 5 rows merged.These two different tables will be used in my UDPATE statement examples below.Oracle’s MERGE statement is tailor-made for situations when you want to do an "upsert" i.e.With this one, I set out to demonstrate the advantages of PARALLEL DML, didn't find what I thought I would, and ended up testing 8 different techniques to find out how they differed. The methods covered include both PL/SQL and SQL approaches. ), how I might cluster rows together that are subject to updates, and what I might do if I just get too many updates to handle. The fastest way to update every row in the table is to rebuild the table from scratch. Case 2 is common in Data Warehouses and overnight batch jobs.There are multiple ways to use the UPDATE statement to update a SQL Server table.